Outsourcing gives you a competitive advantage

Solfit Graphics offers printing companies a unique way to prepare for the future, a future in which the printing landscape will look completely different from what we were once used to. Our purchasing department delivers printing products to printing companies, not to end-users. The work is carried out in the Far East, where we have a network of offices, printing professionals and carefully selected printing companies. Our clients therefore continue to supply printing to their own end-users but at very competitive prices, producing higher profits.

Printing companies in Western Europe that have seen turnover disappear to the Far East can recoup these sales by harnessing Solfit Graphics’s know-how and network. We ensure that your printing is done to western standards in the Far East. Our carefully-selected printing companies have technological capabilities similar to those in the West and they use presses manufactured in the western world. The only difference is that the cost is far lower.

One thing is certain: suppliers from the Near and Far East have begun to capture a share of the market. The question is: do you want to move with the times or will you remain on the sidelines and watch your market slowly erode?

Solfit Graphics exists to help printing professionals. We are printing professionals ourselves!

Does this approach appeal to you? If so, then Solfit Graphics is your ideal business partner.

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